The winner –, the political accountability website, has been announced the winner of the inaugural €5,000 Outvesting fund.

The second place finisher was Greenhouse Limerick and third was memberGRIP. But congratulations to all the applicants, each of whom is investing time and energy into getting a business off the ground and eventually generating employment and wealth at a time when they were never more needed. You have shown that entrepreneurship in this country is alive and well.

Press release to follow shortly…

Voting has begun – follow progress

The final list of applications is live and the voting process has begun. Brian O’Kane made a great suggestion and we’re running with it for this round of Outvesting.

All Outvestors receive 50 points each (equating to the €50 they each outvested), such that a maximum of 5000 points (50 x 100) is available. They allocte their points to the applicant companies as they choose — all 50 to one company, or 10 to each of five, or one to each to 50, or however. If a company receives more than 2500 points, it is automatically the winner and receives the €5000. If two or more companies each receive more than 1000 points (only four companies could receive more than 1000 points), there’s a second round of voting between these companies. Otherwise the top 10 companies go to a second round.

Votes are to being submitted via Twitter and you can follow progress here.

Submissions Closed

The submission process is now closed, and we are delighted to have received 60 entries for the Outvesting fund.

You can see a raw dump of the submissions in this Google spreadsheet.

We will be publishing the entries on the blog in a more digestible format over the coming days, and when we have them all published the voting process will begin.