Applicant profile – MiTAG

Founder Names: Stan Kuznetsov, Steve Daley
Startup Name: MiTAG

History of your startup

The idea came up back in June 2008 from the founder Stan Kuznetsov, but was left in market research form until Stan was made redundant in February 2009. Stan has joined Midlands and West Enterprise Programme at a Castlebar Innovation in Business Centre in April 2009 and gave this project its full time commitment. Two months later, in June, I Steve Daley has joined the company and this is were the fun began.

So far we were doing an extensive secondary and primary research in order to come up with the win-win business concept and a business plan for national and international business. And we also managed to provide successful alpha testing of our service across all Irish mobile networks and with couple of reference customers.
[more info can be provided upon request]

Why do you deserve to win?

Why do we deserve to win? Hmm. It’s simple. We have a revolutionary solution for almost every business to allow them to engage and interact with their customers. In fact, it is totally new way of providing mobile services for businesses. One of the most important thing that it is absolutely free to the end user to use the service from home or abroad.

Both, myself and Steve are business men from head to toe, and are able to develop a global business. I have a degrees in economics and business, and Steve has a degree in economic and also been involved in two startups previously.

The Company aims to provide a mobile communications channel for any business to connect with customers globally irrespective of country, network or handset.

MiTAG is a bespoke VAS provider who aims to create mobile solutions for enhanced global marketing and automated customer services that will offer:

  • Freedom for businesses to transform any mobile phone on almost any mobile network worldwide into an interactive portal (dialogue);
  • Freedom for their customers to communicate directly with businesses at NO COST from home and abroad;
  • Freedom from high costs by significantly reducing dependency on voice telephony, SMS, and mobile Internet;
  • Freedom to connect international markets via a global mobile channel.
  • [more info can be provided upon request]

What you’ll do with the money?

We aim to develop a WEB2.0 site that will allow SMEs, advertisers, and marketing companies to easily create & deploy international/national self-service portals on MiTAG’s mobile SDP (service delivery platform).

The website will be available to any business worldwide to benefit from using our mobile phone channel, and to allow its consumers whenever they are to engage with them free of charge.

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